Some months ago I started working on a very interesting project for Nickelodeon in Plenty. 
It involved frame by frame animation.
First I had to animate in 2D and then a 3D artist modelled every frame one by one.
We finally textured and set up everything.
We had to do 6 iDs and I animated 3 of them, Claudio Iriarte did the 3 others.

I highly recommend to see the 3 others IDs here.

I leave the 2D frame by frame animations below so you can see from what it started.
Art & Motion Direction: Plenty
Art Direction: Pablo Alfieri
Motion Direction: Mariano Farias
Character Restyling: Claudio Iriarte & Yesica Pogorzelsky
2D Traditional Animation: Jules Guerin & Claudio Iriarte
3D Modeling: Juan Martin Miyagi & Lautaro Gonzalez
3D Texturing & Lighting: Daniel Bel, Jules Guerin & Sebastian Curi
Postproduction: Matias Mastriogliano & Sebastian Curi
Montage & Edition: Mariano Farias
Production: Inés Palmas
Year: 2013
Special Thanks to Andres Reisinger, Hernan Estevez & Elda Broglio for the Pitch Process.
Creative Direction: FunJob
Scripts & Character Design: FunJob
Sound Design: Norman Bambi
April / 2013
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